Coming Changes to Contests


Recently, we have been thrilled that a large number of new players have come and joined RankingBall. We are also glad that a majority of those new players enjoy playing on our app. However, one of the issues that app users face is that when they join Gold to Gold contest, they can’t receive their rewards in the app and only on the web. This is due to policy issues with Apple and Google who are very strict when it comes to real money and cryptocurrency being exchanged through apps. Since Tickets aren’t real money or even cryptocurrency, just a means of earning it by entering into contests, we will be adjusting some of the contest to allow app users collect their winnings in the app instead of having to go to the web to collect.

25 Gold and 50 Gold Entry Fee Contest Changes
To let app users fully enjoy the experience of winning and collecting their prizes, we are changing the payout system to the 25 Gold and 50 Gold Featured Contests. Previously these contests awarded RBG and also a small amount of bonus Tickets, but going forward, we will change the payout to Tickets and a small amount of bonus RBG. For example, if you got 1st in a 25 Gold contest you would get 250 RBG and 25 Tickets. With the new changes, the same rank would reward 250 Tickets and 25 RBG. This allows app users to add funds to their account directly on the app and enjoy more contests.

100 Gold and 500 Gold Contests
That doesn’t mean that Gold to Gold contests are leaving as we will still have contests that pay out in RBG. In addition, we will introduce two new GPP Entry Contests with a 100 Gold buy-in and 500 Gold buy-in. These are Guaranteed Prize Pool contests and you can expect at least two a day, found in the Featured Section.

500 Gold Prize Structure:

Rank Prize
1 6000
2 4500
3 4000
4 3000
5 2500
6-10 1000
11-20 750
21-30 650

100 Gold Prize Structure:

Rank Prize
1 1200
2 900
3 800
4 600
5 500
6-10 200
11-20 150
21-30 130

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