First to Perfect Event



RankingBall is getting set to launch it’s brand newest game mode called RankingBall Pick’em and we are giving away $100 Bonus Cash to first person to achieve a perfect Bingo, which we will call a “RankingBall” from now on. The goal is to predict 9 different outcomes in a single match and rearrange those predictions on a Game Board similar to our original Fantasy Sports Bingo.

Once the real game starts, if you get three predictions in a row correct, you’ve got yourself a Bingo! The user with the most Bingos at the end of the real match is the winner. If two or more users have the same amount of Bingos, then the user with the most amount of correctly guess predictions wins the tie. Even if you don’t get all nine correct, don’t count yourself out because the game all about achieving Bingos.

To promote the launch of this new game mode, RankingBall is hosting the First to Perfect Event. Become the first user to correctly predict all 9 outcomes, a RankingBall, that you’ve chosen and we’ll reward your account with $100 Bonus Cash which can be used to enter into real cash contests.

We hope that you enjoy this new game mode and please let us know how you feel about it in our Social Media comments section.

RankingBall Team