GET Gold Prizes for FREE!


Enter our Baseball and LOL Free Contests during the event period.
All participants will be rewarded with Gold Prizes.
There will be 2 or more Free Contests every day for the “Big and Last” Baseball & LOL Matches.

Event Period: 4 weeks (2019.06.13 - 2019.07.10)

Free Contests Reward
(Contest Entry Fee : Free)

  • 1st place: 1,000 Gold
  • 2nd place: 800 Gold
  • 3rd place: 700 Gold
  • 4th place: 600 Gold
  • 5th place: 500 Gold
  • 6th ~ 10th places: 400 Gold
  • 11th ~ 15th places: 300 Gold
  • 16th ~ 20th places: 200 Gold
  • 21th ~ 30th places: 100 Gold
  • 31th ~ 50th places: 50 Gold
  • Gold(RBG) is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency developed by RankingBall.
    You can join in Gold contests, and get Gold rewards according to your ranking.

  • Gold(RBG) is listed on CoinBene’s exchange platform where it can bought or sold at anytime.

  • Gold rewards are distributed 1 day after the match finishes at 9AM (UTC).
    Your reward can be collected from the ‘Inbox’ menu.
    (The ‘Inbox’ menu is the mail-shaped icon which is in the top right corner of the website.)