Introducing RankingBall Pick'em


RANKINGBALL is paving the way for a full-scale entry into the Southeast Asian market with a brand new game mode called RankingBall Pick’em on These new services will first become able to users in Thailand and then will be regularly updated to new regions.

  • RankingBall Pick’em allows for simpler rules and a more streamlined user experience for those who (bet on sports are) or (aren’t familiar with Fantasy Sports) are more accustomed to.
  • RankingBall Pick’em will available in all major Southeast Asian countries within the end of the second quarter.

RANKINGBALL combines a block-chain-based gaming with sports entertainment by allowing fans to follow real live sports and esports matches, provide their predictions, and also dig into real-time game data all within a single platform. RankingBall Pick’em is a brand new concept by taking proposition bets and turning into a game. Real stakes can be wagered with RankingBall’s own cryptocurrency called RBG. RankingBall Pick’em is fun to play together with your friends as you compete to get points in real-time based on your predictions all the while trying to achieve as many bingos as you can.

With RankingBall’s launch into the Southeast Asian market, an upgrade to our original game needed to by made to become more suited those users in the region. So we developed a faster and more streamlined version of our original game by going with a 3X3 bingo grid instead of the existing 4X4 bingo grid. In our new game, winners are based on who was able to achieve the most Bingos, and forgoing our point score ranking system found in our North American version. In addition, RankingBall will provid local translations for more convenience and accessibility to the local users.

Darren Kim, CEO of RankingBall Inc, says, “The Southeast Asian football market has about 600 million followers, this accounts for 10% of the world’s total football fans. After our launch in Thailand, RankingBall’s new service will be provided to major Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia all within the second quarter. As our services expand, the use of RBG Tokens will flourish under this community. This faster, easier, and more fun version of RankingBall Pick’em will start with soccer, and we will continue to add more types of sports and esports to serve the needs of our Asian users.”

RankingBall Pick’em can be found at it’s new website