NBA Finals Raffle Event



The 2019 NBA Finals are upon us so we’re giving you a FINAL chance to WIN BIG with 53,000 RBG in Total Prizes.

On June 19th, One Lucky Ranker will be randomly drawn to win 20,000 RBG!

How to Enter:
Throughout the NBA Finals, everytime you join a specially marked “FINALS RAFFLE” contest, you’ll automatically earn an entry into the drawing. You can also earn extra entries into the drawing depending on the Rank you achieve in each specially marked “Reward Bonus” contest. The more contests you join, the more chances you have to win.

Extra entries based on your Rank in the Contest:

  1. 1st - 10 extra entries
  2. 2nd - 9 extra entries
  3. 3rd - 8 extra entries
  4. 4th - 7 extra entries
  5. 5th - 6 extra entries
  6. 6th - 5 extra entries
  7. 7th - 4 extra entries
  8. 8th - 3 extra entries
  9. 9th - 2 extra entries
  10. 10th - 1 extra entries

For example: If you enter Game 1’s contest and get 2nd place you will have a total of 10 Raffle Entries (1 Initial Entry for joining contest + 9 Entries for getting 2nd place in that Contest) after Game 1. Then, if you enter Game 2’s contest and you get 9th place, your total Raffle Entries will be 13 Entries ( 1 Initial Entry for joining the contest + 2 Entries for getting 9th place + Total of Game 1’s Entries) after Game 2.

Raffle Prizes:

1st Place - 20,000 RBG
2nd Place - 15,000 RBG
3rd Place - 10,000 RBG
4th Place - 5,000 RBG
5th Place - 3,000 RBG

In Total Prizes : 53,000 RBG

The next day after each real match ends, we will update this NBA FINALS RAFFLE LIST with each user who participated and their number of entries into the raffle.

Winners will be notified by email on June 19th and their usernames will be mentioned in an upcoming blog post.

If you have any questions, please come to our Telegram Channel.