New Monetary Policies Coming March, 7th


RankingBall Monetary Policies will change starting March 7, 2019.

Certain services and regulations will be modified and changed. These new updates are posted below to ensure full understanding of the coming changes.

The following is how RankingBall’s currencies can be used on its platforms:

1. Gold (RBG):

  • Can only be used on
  • Used as Gold Contest Entry Fees and Rewards.
  • Used exclusively for “Gold Contests.” (Cannot be used in “Voucher Contests”)

2. Vouchers (Tickets, Bonus Gold):

  • Cannot be used cross-platform.
  • Each platform has its own form of voucher, e.i. Android (Ticket), iOS (Ticket), and Website (Bonus Gold).
  • Can only be used for Voucher Contest (Cannot be used to participate in Gold Contest)
  • Rewards will be paid out in that platform’s voucher in which it was entered in.
  • Vouchers have no monetary value.

3. Cash (USD):

  • Can only be used on
  • Used as Contest Entry Fees and Rewards.
  • Deposit/withdrawal can be made by using the licensed Payment Gate system on
  • Usage, deposit, and withdrawal of cash will be available in 28 States within the US (more to be added).
  • Users who reside in one of the valid states must confirm their identity on our website ( before playing.
  • EURO cash services will launch soon.


Could you tell us more about the RBG contests coming up, and the new contest policies?

I wanted to play, but I recently paused because I could not win RBG.

As of now, do we have to buy RBG from Coinbene, right?

IS there something we can do with tickets??


Hey Foxylegend!

We have some new exciting contests coming to RankingBall starting today like our 25 and 50 Entry Fee Contests. In the those contests the Top 5 winners will win big, but if you place out the Top 5 you’ll still receive your money back. This way you’ll never have an empty wallet and you can continue to play.

I also recommend watching our RankingBall Preview Shows where we choose one featured game and go into detail about how you can win. You can find it here:

As of now, CoinBene is the only place to buy RBG. As for Tickets, right now you can think of them as vouchers that will allow you to enter into RBG contests. So you have the chance to win RBG without actually having to buy it. We do have future plans for Tickets that will improve their stay on the platform.