Patch Notes v1.1.02


RankingBall App Patch Notes:

Rankers! On November 23rd, there will be an update for Android users (v1.1.02). The update will include the following things:

Currency Updates:

Silver currency is now out of RankingBall.

If you have Silver in your account, we will be converting your Silver into Tickets (contest vouchers) as a token of appreciation for being a founding member of the RankingBall community. For every 10,000 Silver that you have in your account we exchange it for 20 Tickets. Any remaining Silver, we’ll give you 10 Tickets for it.

You don’t need to do anything as the process will be automatic.

Silver to Ticket Exchange:

  • For every 10,000 tickets you have, you’ll receive 20 Tickets.

  • Any additional Silver will be converted into 10 Tickets.

For example if you have 7,568 Silver you will receive 10 Tickets. If you have exactly 10,000 Silver, you’ll get 20 Tickets. If you have 15,000 Silver you will receive 30 Tickets (20 for 10,000 and 10 for the remaining). If you have 20,000 Silver you will receive 40 Tickets. If you have 23,650 Silver you’ll get 50 Tickets ( (20,000 Silver = 40 Tickets) + (3,650 = 10 Tickets) = 40 Tickets). But don’t worry because we’ll do the math for you.

Please make sure collect all of your Silver from your Inbox before the update is implemented on the 23rd.

New Game Mode: Hi-Score Challenge:

We are adding a new game mode to RankingBall, Hi-Score Challenge.

Hi-Score Challenge is a single player game mode using previously completed matches. Your goal is to try and beat the top 3 highest scores that were achieved during the real live contest. At the end of the game, your score will be rated out of three stars like so:

:star: - Beat the 3rd highest score: Reward is 1 Ticket
:star::star: - Beat the 2nd highest score: Reward is 2 Tickets
:star::star::star: - Beat the Highest score: Reward is 3 Tickets

For every new star that you achieve, we’ll reward you with Tickets. You can use Tickets to enter into real contests for the chance to win RankingBall Gold.

Now is your chance to fine tune your skills and get rewarded for it.


  • Several typos have been fixed.

Bug Fixes:

  • Minor bug fixes were made