RankingBall Making Waves Across the World


RankingBall Making Waves Across the World

You want to hear more more about the biggest and best token sale going on this spring, right?

RankingBall Co-founder and CTO Charles Chang appeared as a guest on CryptoKnights podcast episode #49 on Sunday, April 22. RankingBall is a real-time skill-based strategy game that allows sports fans to engage with live sports and esports matches in a new and interactive way. We have a token crowdsale launching soon. Together with show host Dr. Kanth Miriyala, Chang discussed the story of how RankingBall got started, the exciting user-experience of the service, and detailed the regulatory aspects of the token sale and the RankingBall service itself.

You can listen to the interview in full right here. It was a fun interview, and we hope to have more experiences like this in the future. Our company is always growing, and publicity like this helps get the word out. Let’s take a look at how RankingBall has evolved over the years, and how we plan to expand in the future:

The RankingBall story

The RankingBall project was started in 2011 by co-founders Darren Kim and Charles Chang. In 2014, we secured a partnership with Korean national broadcaster KBS to provide interactive services for the Sochi Winter Olympics. This success quickly led to partnerships with two other Korean broadcasters, KBSN and MBC.

Our baseball paid beta test launched in summer 2015. By the fall, our monthly sales were over $90K from TV commercials and services, and we had achieved the #1 sports app ranking for two consecutive months on Google Play. 2016 and 2017 saw open beta tests for MLB and KBO, as well as a full redesign of the RankingBall apps, data validity testing for the NFL and NBA, and a partnership with Korean broadcaster SBS and PUBG. We started this year off with an open beta for European football, an official launch for our MBA service, and of course, our RBG token sale . It’s been a long buildup to a very exciting year for us!

Think about your daily lives: When do you watch live TV? Only during sports matches. — Charles Chang

Next month will see our debut in esports with our open beta launch. We’ve been working together with Players Unknown Battlegrounds, a “battle-royale FPS game”, to bring a second screening experience for our viewers on PUBG leagues and tournaments.

We are trying to bring something very unique to the industry; the business is ever-changing as we speak. We are the first ones to offer real-time skill-based games for esports, so I hope that the followers will stay tuned to what we are going to bring to the market. It’s going to be a very exciting ride for us. — Charles Chang

Future Timeline: Here are a few of our other future plans, along with projected dates.

2018.07 — 2018 Russia World Cup services with KBSN/SBS

2018.09 — NFL/NBA RankingBall services with ESPN

2018.10 — RankingBall e-Sports Official Service Platform

2018.11 — RankingBall Soccer/MLB/NFL/NBA

2019.01 — RankingBall Sports Data Center Open

2019.04 — RankingBall Golf/Cricket/Tennis/Formula

2019.05 — RankingBall Media Platform Open

RBG token sale update

The RBG token is in presale right now, and although we can’t disclose the amount, we are very happy to announce that we are way past the soft cap of 3 million right now. We offer 50 thousand RBG for 1 Ether. We will be re-adjusting interest rates annually based on our operational profit to control the inflation of our economy. (We are hoping to reach between 10–15 percent interest rates.) This will ensure investors benefit from inflation. Investors from every nationality except Singaporeans can participate in the token sale, because we are operating from Singapore. — Charles Chang

Here is a full timeline for our token:

2018.02 — Start of first RBG private sale

2018.05 — Start of first RBG crowd sale

2018.05 — RBG token begins transacting on exchanges

2018.07 — Launch of RBG contest service

2018.08 — Launch of RankingBall Platform API and RBG SDK

2018.09 — Launch of special RBG contests for token holders

2018.11 — Start of second RBG crowd sale

2019.02 — Begin interest and dividend payments in RBG or ETH

Stay tuned for more exciting news about RankingBall and the RBG token sale! For more information, please visit our website, drop us a line on our Telegram channel, or join our public Telegram group to chat.