RankingBall.net - How To Play



[Step1] Select Match


(1) Free Sign Up & Login
※ Login with Facebook is available.
(2) Select a Match:
      After checking the match information, click on it, and move to Contests(Games) List page.

[Step2] Join a Contest


(1) Check the contest information and click [JOIN].
(2) Create a Contest: Users can create Head-to-Head contests.

[Step3] Select events & Submit


(1) Select a team which will win or Draw.
(2) By predicting the match results select the events.
(3) Event Picks on Board can be Rearranged.
(4) Submit: After setting up the bingo, click [Submit] to join the contest.

[Step4] End game & checking the results


(1) My Game: Joined Matches and Contests can be checked in the My Game menu.
(2) History: Live or Finished Matches can be checked in the History page.
(3) Select Match: Click any Match to check the contest results.

[Step5] Checking the contest results


(1) Checking the contest results: Check the Ranking and Total Winnings and click on the Contest.

[Step6] Checking the Bingo Results


(1) Checking the Bingo Results: Checking the number of bingo hits and Cells(Events).

[Step7] Receive the prizes


(1) Click the Inbox icon
(2) Receive the prizes: Once game ended, it will be deposited after 1 hour.

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