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[Usage Guide]

(1) Language Change
(2) Currency Balance & Usage Guide
(3) Deposit Cash & Gold(RBG)
(4) Notice & Help/Support
(5) Inbox: Menu for Rewards Collection
                 Once game ended, it will be deposited after 1 hour.
(6) My Profile & Account
(7) My Game: Your Joined Matches & Games
(8) Upcoming: Upcoming matches
     History: Live and Finished Matches
(9) Match Information: Once clicked goes to Contests(Games) List

[Step1] Free Sign Up & Login

(1) Free Sign Up: Please enter an Email, User Nickname and Password to sign up.
(2) Login: Please enter your Email and Password to Log In.
※ Login with Facebook is available.

[Step2] Select Match


(1) Select a type of Sports/Esports
(2) Select the Upcoming Menu
(3) Select a Match:
      After checking the match information, click on it, and move to Contests(Games) List page.

[Step3] Select a Contest(Game) & Join


(1) Create a Contest: Users can create Head-to-Head contests.
(2) Contest Information:
      IN PRIZES: Contest’s Total Prize Pool
      ENTRIES: Number of joined participants / Total Number of Participants
      ENTRY FEE: An entry fee to join the contest
(3) Check the contest information and click [JOIN].

[Step4] Select a winner team and events


(1) Match Stats: Match Stats for both teams
(2) How to Play: “How to Play” instructions and rules for the game.
(3) Select a team which will win or Draw.
(4) By predicting the match results select the events.
(5) Event Picks on Board can be Rearranged.
     Rearrange the predictions strategically as much as correct to have the most Bingo lines.

※ Bingo: Get 3 predictions in-a-row correct to achieve a Bingo.
                There are total 8 Bingo lines in the game.

[Step5] Join a Contest


(1) Submit: After setting up the bingo, click [Submit] to join the contest.

※ Game Rules:
 1. The winner is decided by who achieved the most Bingo lines.
 2. If two or more participants have the same number of Bingo lines, the winner is the determined by who correctly predicted the most events.
 3. Only one participant can win and collect the total prize money from the contest.

• A 10% commission will be collected from your Entry Fee by RankingBall.
• Submitted Entries can be modified in the ‘Upcoming’ tab up to 5 minutes before the real game starts.

[Step6] End game & checking the results


(1) My Game: Joined Matches and Contests can be checked in the My Game menu.
(2) History: Live or Finished Matches can be checked in the History page.
(3) Select Match: Click any Match to check the contest results.

[Step7] Checking the contest results


(1) Checking the contest results: Check the Ranking and Total Winnings and click on the Contest.

[Step8] Checking the Bingo Results


(1) Checking the Bingo Results: Checking the number of bingo hits and Cells(Events).

[Step9] Receive the prizes

(1) Click the Inbox icon
(2) Receive the prizes: Once game ended, it will be deposited after 1 hourstrong text






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