RankingBall Partnerships


RankingBall Partnerships

RankingBall is a robust and intuitive product you can use to show off your dedication to sports and esports. However, without major partnerships, sports fans and gamers wouldn’t have any matches to predict!

In this post we’ll go through our vision for RankingBall in terms of both present and future partnerships with game developers, broadcasters and sports leagues.

Right now we’re working through beta tests with traditional sports like: baseball, soccer, basketball, American football, and golf. While traditional sports are a big part of the RankingBall platform, we’ve left a lot of space and resources dedicated to esports. We’re currently also beta testing RankingBall with League of Legends, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and CS:GO.

We’ve already made ground toward inking partnerships with major sports media in Korea. Our baseball and soccer beta tests with leading broadcasters KBS, KBSN, and SBS were highly successful.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), one of the hottest online games in the world right now, has partnered with RankingBall and plans to provide our services beginning in June 2018. This is a welcome addition to other major titles negotiations are in the works with, including LOL, DOTA2 and CS:GO.

There’s a reason that we’ve already made so much progress. Broadcasters can now tap into an entirely new way to interact with their viewers. More interaction via the RankingBall bingo card means higher ad revenue due to increased viewership and more return customers.

Outside of Korea we’ve got our eyes set on major outlets like ESPN, CBS, NBC, and FOX. It’s interesting to note that 70% of their premium members sign up specifically for sport channels to get an upper hand in fantasy sports. There’s a massive opportunity for RankingBall to capture this passionate fanbase.

Here’s how RankingBall is going to help broadcasters win and help their viewers win bigger:

  • We can provide a white label product and share profits in partnership with major sports betting companies like Bet365, Betfair, Bewin, Fanduel, and Draftkings.
  • Our services meet the needs for more interactive and engaging broadcasts for major outlets like ESPN, CBS, NBC, and FOX. (70% of premium members for these sport channels sign up to get an upper hand in fantasy sports)

→ RankingBall encourages live viewership, leading to efficient mass marketing.

  • Broadcasters can pose questions/predictions/trivia to the fans and receive answers in real time, during the broadcast, enabling a stronger fan community and authentic feedback data.

→ Targeted marketing for sports betting enthusiasts

  • Easy access and potential partnerships with established sports communities and fan pages.

→ Targeted marketing for sports fans

  • Marketing partnership with Social Casinos (e.g. Double U Games, Huuuge Games) that share similar user base and marketing channels.

→ Cross-Promotion

  • Organic engagement on social media from users sharing friend invites, ranks and results.


As always, feel free to get in touch via our Telegram Channel here.