RankingBall's Turkey Trot 2018



Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Before you grab your plates to binge on food and football all day, we’re going on a run.

RankingBall is hosting 5 FREE contests, one per day, leading up to Thanksgiving. Each contest will reward in Tickets that will allow you to enter into RBG contests.

As token of appreciation for participating, we’ll give you 5 Tickets every time you enter into a specially labeled “Turkey Trot” contests.

But wait, there’s more!

Just like our King of the Court Tournament, we’re going to take everyone’s final score from each contest and give out special prizes to highest combined scorers. However, we’re going to give out rewards to the Top 10 highest combined scores instead of the Top 3. How awesome is that?

Final Combined Score Reward Structure:

1st place - 1500 RBG

2nd place - 1000 RBG

3rd place - 750 RBG

4th place - 500 RBG

5th place - 250 RBG

6th -10th place - 100 RBG


RankingBall’s Turkey Trot schedule (EST):

Game 1 (11/17) DEN@NOP

Game 2 (11/18) LAL@MIA

Game 3 (11/19) UTA@IND

Game 4 (11/20) TOR@ORL

Game 5 (11/21) OKC@GSW

Let’s start the training over at rankingball.com or on your mobile app.