Tickets moving out of App


Don’t worry, your Golden Tickets haven’t gone anywhere. Due to Google and Apple policies we will have to make changes to how our currencies work on RankingBall. If you downloaded the latest Android version of RankingBall (v1.1.01), iOS version coming soon, you might notice that your Ticket balance was reset to zero.:

  • Your Ticket balance will be automatically be reset to zero on the app, but will still be available on the website.

  • If you want to play gold contests on your app you can:

    • Option 1- email to request your tickets transferred back to your app account.

      • In the email please specify:

        • Your email address associated with your account.

        • Your screen name (nickname)

        • What type of mobile version you are using, Android or iOS (iPhone)

        • And how much you would like transferred back into your app account.

      • You can only make one request to transfer tickets

      • Duration period for requests is from November 12th-December 7th

    • Option 2- purchase Tickets through the in-app purchase store.

If you have any more questions, please email us at